A World of Connections: Respectful Maternity Care Survey
We invite you to participate in this networking opportunity. The Global Respectful Maternity Care Council is piloting a project called A World of Connections: Respectful Maternity Care, aimed at creating a publicly accessible database through which we all can identify organizations that have intersecting goals, facilitate innovative connections, and inspire each other to implement creative strategies to ensure respectful maternity care.

The Global Respectful Maternity Care Council (GRMCC) is a multi-sectoral group of 240 individual members representing 80 organizations from around the world including researchers, clinicians, advocates, professional associations, UN agencies and donors. The Council is dedicated to identifying, implementing and advocating for strategies to promote respectful maternity care. It aims to tackle the problem of disrespect and abuse during childbirth, and ultimately improve the quality of reproductive, maternal, and newborn health care. The Council and our members have worked on many projects advocating for human rights and maternity care and developed the Respectful Maternity Care: the Universal Rights of Childbearing Women (RMC Charter).

We understand that groups all over the world are working to improve the health and rights of women and children. The RMC Charter can be a common connection among groups, increasing our capacity to effect change at all levels. The Charter demonstrates the legitimate place of maternal health rights in the broader context of human rights. Since its development, it has been used as a tool to educate health workers about maternity care and human rights, and to raise awareness of the problem in a way that avoids blaming and shaming.

When completed, A World of Connections: Respectful Maternity Care, will be an online database containing information on organizations around the world. It will include organizations’ region of work, and the areas of work that are relevant to the RMC Charter. Users of the database will be able to search for potential partners based on their region and area of interest. The Council also has a RMC wiki page through which members are sharing and accessing research and documents on respectful maternity care. Feel free to share and access information here:


Let us know more about your work by answering the following questionnaire. Please spread the word to your network of connections by sending this survey to other organizations like yours.
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