2023 MTT Holiday Fanfic Sign-up
'Tis the season to fill the MoreThanThat archive with holiday fics! If you are familiar with our Secret Santa Fic exchange from previous years, this is a similar but more casual version of it. 
  • Everyone, whether you are a writer or not, is invited to submit some Holiday/Winter related words and phrases, such as "mistletoe", "Christmas lights", "Auld Lang Syne" etc. We'll call these elements.
  • We'll gather up all the submitted elements into one master list.
  • Then anyone interested in writing a Holiday fic will randomly "draw" five elements from the master list.
  • The challenge is to write a fic of any length incorporating at least 3 of the 5 elements.
  • (don't worry, we'll make sure you don't draw one of your own elements)
Once your fic is ready (or the first chapter at least), post it on MTT as you would post any other fic. Make sure to include in the summary that it's for the 2023 Holiday Fic Challenge so we can add it to a special series.

Use this form to both submit holiday elements and sign up to receive 5 elements to be incorporated into a fic.

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your elements can be related to any holiday (Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah) or just general winter things. Please separate the different elements with a (,) comma. Enter as many as you like, we suggest at least 7 in order to have a good variety and in case there are duplicates.
Will you be writing a holiday fic this year?
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