I’m a Scientist, Australia (March 2013) Survey for Students
Hi, thanks for agreeing to fill in our feedback survey. This really helps us to understand what you want from the event and how we can improve it in the future.

There are 15 questions in this survey, but most of them aren't compulsory.
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In general terms how interesting did you find I’m a Scientist ?
Did you learn anything about science that you didn't know before?
Now you've played a part in 'I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!', how confident do you feel about asking questions about science?
From which activity did you learn the most?
What made you decide which scientist to vote for?
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Would you recommend it to your friends?
What did you like about taking part in I'm a Scientist?
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What did you dislike about taking part in I'm a Scientist?
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Did anything surprise you about I'm a Scientist?
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Which bit of the website was your favourite?
How do you feel I'm a Scientist could be improved?
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