BB Camp 2020 Summer Potential Options
Governor Kate Brown announced, during her recent briefing, that summer camps throughout the State of Oregon will have the opportunity to open this summer. Tomorrow, we expect the Governor’s Office to provide the guidelines and recommendations, informed by the Oregon Health Authority, to allow for the opening of the season.

The health and safety of our BB Camp community is always our highest priority. Once we review the guidelines, BB Camp’s leadership team, with our medical experts, will digest the information. We will then assess how we can best serve our community, within the guidelines provided. We understand that our BB Camp programs may not look like they have ever before, which will likely include modifications to our programming, offerings, and possibly session schedule changes. As we consider a variety of options, with health and safety as our lens, we want your feedback. Please complete this survey to help us as we think deeply about Summer 2020! Thank you for your patience. For up to date information, please visit
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