2019 Node-RED Community Survey
This survey from the Node-RED project team is to help us get a good understanding of who our users are, what they do with Node-RED and how we can ensure we're pointed in the right direction.
How long will it take?
This survey should take less then 10 minutes to complete.
What will we do with the results?
This survey is completely anonymous. We do not collect any personally identifying information that you do not choose to share with us.

We do invite you to provide an email address at the very end if you are happy for us to contact you for more information about your responses - but that is completely up to you.

We will compile the results into a report to be published on https://nodered.org

Help us spread the word
To get the most representative set of results, we are keen to get as many responses as possible. Please help us to spread the word about this survey.

The short link for this survey is: https://tiny.cc/NodeRED2019Survey

If you have any concerns about this survey....
Please do not hesitate to contact the core Node-RED team at the email address team@nodered.org
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