Black Cap Survey - March 2020
For centuries the Black Cap has been one of Camden’s most loved and successful pubs, and for over sixty years it has been North London’s heart of LGBTQ+ culture and community. In recent decades the upstairs bar and roof terrace would be open in the daytime for food and drink, while the downstairs bar, stage, and dance floor hosted evening entertainment (especially the Black Cap’s world-famous drag and cabaret performances) and dancing until the early morning – and all in a high-profile location in the heart of Camden Town. The Black Cap is known as a safe, inclusive space and an active community hub for LGBTQ+ people from all over London and beyond.

In April 2015 its current owner suddenly closed it, wanting to turn it into luxury flats – but community action repeatedly blocked his development plans and at last he has decided to sell the building.

This means there is now a chance to buy the building and re-open the Black Cap as a fabulous Camden pub and LGBTQ+ venue. One possibility is to raise money from the community and form a non-profit company to buy and own the building, protecting it from future changes of ownership and ensuring that it would be run for the benefit of the community and not for private profits. These are some questions about that option.
Do you support the idea of a community-owned non-profit company buying and re-opening the Black Cap?
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