Genetics Unzipped Listener Survey July 2019
A short survey for listeners of the Genetics Unzipped podcast
How long have you been listening to Genetics Unzipped?
How often do you listen to Genetics Unzipped?
Did you know that Genetics Unzipped is supported by The Genetics Society?
Did you know that The Genetics Society is celebrating its centenary this year?
How did you find out about Genetics Unzipped?
How would you rate Genetics Unzipped out of 5?
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Love it!
Do you prefer our interview episodes or '100 ideas' story-based episodes?
Are there any episodes you particularly enjoyed? There's a full list at but you can just mention themes or people you remember.
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Are there any episodes you particularly didn't enjoy?
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Which other podcasts do you regularly listen to?
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How do you listen to Genetics Unzipped?
Would you be interested in buying Genetics Unzipped merchandise?
If yes, what sorts of merchandise would you consider buying?
Would you be interested in a book containing all our 100 Ideas in Genetics stories, either for yourself or as a gift?
How would you describe yourself?
Are you a member of The Genetics Society?
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Which country do you live in?
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Are there any topics, stories or guests you would like us to feature in future episodes?
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We are currently looking for sponsors and advertisers to support the costs of the podcast. If you have any suggestions or contacts, please tell us here:
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Do you have any other comments or feedback for us?
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Please enter your email address if you would like to be entered into a prize draw to win a signed copy of Kat Arney's book, Herding Hemingway's Cats. We will not use your email for any other purpose and will delete it after the survey has closed and the winner has been selected at random.
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