[Indiway/Funko] KR Pass Passenger Info
Please submit passenger information one by one.
(If you have booked 3 people, submit 3 times with each passenger's information)
It is YOUR responsibility to submit correct information. We are not responsible for any inconvenience caused from submitting incorrect information.
* With the KR pass system renewed as of March 29th, amendment is NOT possible once booked. Please make sure you have entered your information correctly
Order number (starts with FNK) *
Type *
* Name must match your passport. If different, you may not be able to redeem KR Pass at the counter.

* Make sure to separate First name & Last name in the following fields correctly. If you duplicate it, the process will be delayed.
First Name on the Passport *
Last Name on the Passport *
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Date of Birth (YYYYMMDD) *
You MUST submit your DOB *in the provided format above in "YYYYMMDD" (NUMBERS ONLY)*. (You are responsible for any inconvenience caused from not following the format)
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