International Symposium NEWroscience 2018
Looking for Epilepsy Cure along Centuries and across Cultures.
From Demons and Blessings to Brain Complex Networks and DNA Editing.
Date: September 18th to 21st
Venue: Anfiteatro da Faculdade de Direito Campus da Universidade de São Paulo Ribeirão Preto -São Paulo - Brasil
Information: / +55 (16) 3315-3023

Payment: bank deposit

Account number:
Banco do Brasil
Agência: 1969-0
Conta corrente: 9.254-1
Titular da conta: Norberto Garcia Cairasco e José Antonio Cortes de Oliveira

The receipt must be send to, with subject “Bank deposit-name”.

Event registration:

R$250,00 POST-DOCS

Round Table registration: R$ 50,00 each

Choose one (or more) of the Round Table below and send the receipt and number/name of the Round Table that you intend to participate.

Round Table 1: Controversies and Convergences in the History of Science and the Arts in Neuropsychiatry and the Epilepsies

Round Table 2: From Connectomes to Multilayered Complex Networks in the Epilepsies and Neuropsychiatric Comorbidities

Round Table 3: Cell and Molecular Mechanisms of the Epilepsies

Round Table 4: Epilepsy Hijacking Brain Oscillations: a Gradual Corruption from Normal Activity

Round Table 5: Precision Medicine and Technological Challenges in Neuroscience and Epileptology

Round Table 6: Epilepsies and Comorbidities: Challenging and Integrating Multiples Levels of Complexity

Registration will be confirmed after payment.

For Abstract submission guidelines visit our webpage (
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