Breast Milk Testing Intake Survey
Eating organically is:
I eat out at a restaurant:
When I do eat out, I usually eat at:
(names of restaurants you most frequent)
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What percentage of your diet is organic?
(just your best guess)
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When I shop for groceries, selecting organic items is:
Where do you usually shop for groceries?
(names of stores)
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I source organic
How close do you live to a farm?
(approximate miles)
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Do you garden at home? If so, do you use herbicides or pesticides?
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Did you change your diet when you became pregnant? How so?
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How old is your nursing child?
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How difficult would it be for your family to pay for the 130$ breast milk test out of pocket?
If high concentrations of glyphosate were found in my breast milk, I would:
email adress:
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zip code:
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