One Choristry audition, coming up...

Thanks for your interest in joining Choristry.

We rehearse 7:30 – 9:45pm Tuesday nights in Collingwood. Auditions take place prior to rehearsal.

Auditions are very low key and consist of:

- a quick discussion about your singing background
- singing a simple prepared piece
- a range check for section placement and
- a short sight-singing check

Simply fill out the form and we'll be in touch.

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We'll send you details of your audition to this address, so double-check it for typos lest the reply goes out into the ether.
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Approx. Vocal Range *
Where middle C is C4, the C an octave above is C5 and the C an octave below is C3. So an Alto might have a range G3-F5. Please just write 'Unknown', if you're unsure.
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Desired Voice Part *
Depending on the range test with Dan in the audition and the other voices singing, we may place you in a different section.
When did you last sing with a choir? *
The year will do, don't stress about months... we're not that finicky.
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Previous choral experience *
Please include the name of the choir(s) and when you performed with them e.g. ACME Chorale 2010-2014
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Previous singing training
Please include singing teachers, style of lessons, number of years studied, relevant qualifications and AMEB levels and all that jazz.
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Other musical experience and qualifications *
Other vocal performances and other instrumental skills.
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Other useful skills *
E.g. social media management, graphic design, marketing, accounting, event co-ordination, friends in high places…
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Sight singing ability *
How's your sight singing? Check out some examples here: to help you answer this one. Please don't stress, though... this part of the audition is really short, and Dan's not scary at all. Promise.
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