MsMenzies riso studio
MsMenzies riso studio will open soon, with a MZ1070 machine and 6 colour drums!
As well as printing artwork, we are planning to offer a zine publication and promotion service : we would like to build a zine collection and help artists create high quality zines/comics with us that we would then promote and sell through various channels -online, in shops, at fairs...
If you are a regular riso user, could you please take 5 minutes to answer this survey? That would really help us in our dream to make MsMenzies the best zine publisher and riso printer ever!
We really want to understand your riso needs and hear about your ideas and opinion.
If after answering this survey (for which we are eternally grateful), you would like to talk to us in more detail about what your ideal riso studio and zine publishing would be, don't hesitate to be in touch for a one to one video chat with us, we'd love to talk about this with you!
Thank you so much for your time and don't hesitate to share this survey far and wide!
With slightly misregistrated riso love,
MsMenzies' team (Catherine and Cécile)

About us: We are British/Canadian artist C.A.Hiley and Belgian/British illustrator Cécile Simonis. We have a long-standing love of making zines and artist books, using Riso as well as screenprint and digital print. In our different styles, we both love to use visual storytelling and the intimate nature of the book format as a means of inviting laughter, reflection and transformation. You can discover our work here: and
We also have plenty experience as printmaking technicians and in the sales and promotion of artwork and books in shop and gallery settings, online and at fairs.

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About you. Are you..
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Where are you based? (city / area and country)
How often in a year do you print a riso project?
If you use a riso printing studio, what do you love most about them?
If you use a riso printing studio, what do you wish they did / did better?
What do you use riso printing for / what type of product(s) would you like to make with riso? (choose as many options as you want)
Could you tell us (roughly) what your yearly riso printing budget is?
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How important is it for you to see and handle physical sample of paper and ink colours?
Not important at all-it's ok to just see it online
Very important-I wouldn't send anything to print without seeing samples
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How do you prefer receiving your prints?
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What would stop you from printing your work with a riso studio? (choose as many options as you want)
Does your riso printing studio sell your and other artists' work? (choose as many options as you want)
Through which channel does your riso studio sell artwork?
What is your experience with riso studios selling your work?
Would you be interested in being invited to produce a zine (specific format and number) with us as part of a regular programme in which a zine is produced every month by a different artist and promoted by the studio, building a collection?
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If you were making a zine with MsMenzies as part as our collection, what would be the best payment agreement for you?
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Do you buy riso prints and zines? (choose as many options as you want)
What is your favourite piece of riso art (if you have one)?
What is your favourite riso-related web platform/account/website/place?
What would your ideal riso studio be like? (tell us anything that comes to mind)!
Would you be excited about the opening of a new riso printing studio in your area?
Clear selection
Is there any question we should have asked you and didn't, and anything else you would like to tell us?
Would you like to be informed of the development on MsMenzies riso studio? if so, please write down your email address here!
Thank you so much for your time! This is really going to help us a lot!
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