Teen Volunteer Application
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Thank you for applying to be a volunteer at the library this summer. Teen volunteers are very important to our Summer Reading Program. Without your help we would be unable to do the number of programs or serve the number of children that participate. Volunteering can be fun as well as worthwhile. You help the library, and in turn get volunteer hours that can be used for job and college applications.

While you are volunteering at the library, you will be a representative of the library much like the staff. You will be given a lanyard with your name tag to wear when you are volunteering. Your job as a library volunteer is to help make the library and fun and engaging place to be during Summer Reading.

There are two days of volunteer training, May 17 at 4:00. You will need to attend ONE DAY. If you can not attend that day, you will need to make arrangements with Jenny. You can contact her at the library, (580-596-2366).

There will be two volunteer parties during the course of the summer, and we want you to be able to attend both. The first is June 19th, at 11:00am, the other is July 23rd at 5:00pm.
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If you are unable to attend at the time you are scheduled please call Jenny (580-596-2366) at the library as early as possible so a replacement can be called. Volunteer assignments will be made on Friday afternoons at the volunteer meeting. You will sign up for the next week’s activities at that time. Volunteer times are scheduled. If you want additional time call Jenny to see what is available. Volunteers must attend the volunteer orientation and training. If you are unable to attend any of these activities, you will need to make special arrangements with Jenny in advance. * *
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