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To volunteer with us, begin by answering the sign-up form below.

At LoveYourself, we want all our volunteers to be able to help out in a meaningful way. That's why we make sure everyone interested to volunteer with us goes through our recruitment process, which is designed to determine whether LoveYourself is the best place and has the right opportunities for someone to make the kind of impact they want to in the advocacy.

Your answers to this form will help us match you with volunteer opportunities that you will be passionate about and that fit your skills. Know that this information would be private and confidential.

~ Things to Know Before You Sign Up ~

We would welcome volunteers from all over the country and the world, but most of our activities are in Metro Manila, and we do require orientation and some training in the area. Hopefully the location of our work does not limit your opportunities with us, but if it does, you can help the community in your own ways. Contact your local health centers or local organizations about how you can help in the HIV advocacy.

Also, we welcome everyone regardless of sex, gender, sexuality, race, creed, educational or work background, but due to the nature of the advocacy, we can only accept volunteers who are of legal age. If you have a little more to go, come back to us when you are of age, and we'd be glad to have you.

~ After You Sign Up ~

After we've had a look at your answers, we'll be in touch with you about the next steps through the contact details you've to provided. Be sure to make sure that your contact details (especially your email address) are accurate.

Please note that we usually accommodate applications during the first quarter (February-March), middle of the year (May-June) and towards the end of the year (August-September). We would usually only accommodate the applications accomplished in the months preceding these periods, so keep this in mind when filling out the form. Be patient and we'll be sure to get to you in due time, as we really do welcome your interest and energy for the advocacy.

We're excited to get to know you! We'll see you soon!

The LoveYourself Recruitment Team

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