Queercare COVID-19 food networking (UK only)
This is the form for getting support if you are at high-risk from the effects of COVID-19; as well as if you are finding leaving your house a cause of distress or a mental health stressor.

Queercare is not helping people in itself - We're linking people up with other people nearby who can help, and providing them with tools and guidance on how to help. 

Priority will be given to people who experience homophobia or transphobia, or similar oppression, but it is open to all. No prioritising is done beyond this. 

We work across the UK, not just in London. Unfortunately at this stage we can't co-ordinate a global response.

This data currently runs through google forms- if you'd prefer to use email, please email answers to these questions to covid@queercare.network

To volunteer to help out, fill out this form: http://tiny.cc/qc-offer-support

Donations can be made here: https://t.co/WVWqmhn0MX?amp=1
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What name should we call you by?
What pronouns should we use?
What kind of help would you find most useful?
What's your current postcode?
If you need food, what are your dietary requirements? (please include allergies in "other")
If you need someone to go to the shops for you, how will you give them money back
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Do you need this support right now?
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Is your household isolating due to potential infection?
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Do you experience homophobia, transphobia, or a similar oppression?
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Please put an email address or phone number below *
Please also include details on how to contact you ("whatsapp only", "I only take phone calls" "no contact after 8pm" (we'll default to SMS or Whatsapp for a phone number)
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