River dolphins of the Brazilian Savanna (Botos do Cerrado)
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About this Book
Author | Claryana Araújo-Wang
Page | 100
Format | Hardcover
Publication date | October 1, 2017
Publisher | Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers
Language | Portuguese & English
Printing | Full colour
Dimension | 230mm x 250mm
ISBN | 978-988-15468-0-7
Price | US $16 / HKD120
● Foreword
● Acknowledements
● How it all began
● The Cerrado
● Botos of the Cerrado
About the Author
Claryana was born and raised in the state of Goias (Brazil). She received her Ph. D. degree in Ecology from the Federal University of Goias, with part of her doctoral research being conducted at Trent University (Ontario, Canada). She had conducted research on the botos of the Araguaia and Tocantins rivers for more than a decade and published the first scientific papers on the botos from this region.
Foreword (excerpt)
“This book, with its stunning photographs, provides a unique and remarkable window into the lives of botos, showcasing their unusual appearance and behaviour in a habitat that seems so unlikely for a dolphin. It also identifies some of the threats they face in their savanna home.”
—— Randall Reeves (Chair, IUCN SSC Cetacean Specialist Group)
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