Cohort-2 Candidate Application to the Polk Institute Foundation
Candidates must complete this application in its entirety to be considered for acceptance as a participant in the Polk Institute Foundation (Pi). Select applicants will be interviewed by a selection team and given an opportunity to discuss their business further. Acceptance and participation is afforded at the sole and absolute discretion of Polk Institute Foundation.

Eligibility for Cohort-2 :
Startups (pre-revenue or early stage), Veteran-Led, Nonprofits, and existing businesses are ALL welcome to participate. We have a total of 75 slot available for Cohort-2. Also, Veterans, Non-Profits, and existing businesses. All encouraged to apply. Must be 18-years or older.

Cohort-2 Candidates will be required to participate in Practitioner -driven Workshops designed to increase their chances for success as a CEO. This includes committing to attend 40 weeks of 10 total workshops ( 8-Required and 2-Elective Workshops) all delivered online, each workshop will have one live meeting with the Facilitator per week four weeks per Workshop.

Training Workshops will culminate with a Capstone Workshop in December 2022 to prepare you to pitch to investors on January 15, 2023 during Cohort Showcase event, "Founders Meet Funders." This is our Pi signature event!

Attendance is mandatory. If something comes up, you must contact the Workshop Facilitator and/or the Director of Student Success and give your reason why you are not attending. All missed workshops time must be made up by watching the posted class video by the end of the week of the workshop that you missed.

Candidate Admission Criteria:
The overarching goal of Pi is to assist Cohort-2 Candidates who demonstrate the greatest chance for success, growth and adding jobs to the community. The Candidate should be able to meet the following criteria to gain acceptance into the program.
1. The Candidate should represent a startup, existing business, or has an idea for a startup.
2. The Candidate will submit an Executive Summary Business Outline (1-Page)
3. The Candidate will submit a 5-slide Pitch Deck (optional)
4. The Candidate can articulate the Entrepreneurial opportunity during a 2-minute maximum virtual video and provide us with the link. (Required)
5. The Candidate is coachable.
6. The Candidate is committed to complete all 10 Workshops.
7. A 30-60 minute panel interview by Pi Team
8. The Candidate is willing to adhere to the policies and procedures of the program and Pi Foundation.

This information is part of the selection process; it will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be shared outside of the selection committee.

Please fill out the following application to apply for the Pi program.
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Disclaimer: “Polk Institute Foundation (“PIF”) provides a practical training program (“Program”) in social entrepreneurship for interested business owners (“Attendees”). Completion of Program does not confer an Attendee with any educational degree. Attendee expressly and impliedly acknowledges the Program is for training purposes only and is not a substitute for any professional advice (for example legal or financial) and agrees that PIF disclaims any warranties. While PIF aims for Program to meet highest standards, neither PIF, nor its facilitators/speakers accept any liability for (i) any inaccuracy or misleading information provided in the Program or Program materials and any reliance by Attendee on any such information, (ii) any loss of profit, revenue or goodwill, (iii) any guarantee of profit or success, or (iv) any indirect, special or consequential loss arising from any breach of the terms of any agreement from attending Program. By attending Program courses, Attendee agrees to all terms and conditions issued at the time of enrollment.” *
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Cohort-2 Session Start Date: Monday January 31, 2022
Most Virtual Workshops are on Thursdays at 6pm. (Pacific Standard Time)(Subject to change)
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