Important Information
Welcome to Dawggedy Tails Playschool @ My Pet Store!

The aim of DT playschool is to allow our little ones safe and meaningful social interactions with one another. Our friendly and dedicated crew will ensure your precious furkid is well looked after.

Our daily schedule includes:
- Outdoor walks and excursions (weather-permitting)
- Indoor group socialisation
- One-on-one enrichment activities

For optimum care and engagement, each crew member is assigned to no more than 5 dogs and are certified canine first aid responders.

Currently we only accept toy breed dogs.

DT Playschool operating hours as follows:

- Open Mondays to Fridays, except Public Holidays.
- Activities start at 9am and end at 4pm.
- We are open from 8:30am for drop-off and remains open till 6pm for pickup.

Come experience DT Playschool at $40/session with free 2-way transport! (regular price is $60)

This special rate is valid for the first month (30 days) from the day of your sign-up.

Vacancies are limited!

Call or WhatsApp us at 81154811 or message us on Facebook to book your session!

29 Eng Kong Terrace
Singapore 599002

We believe in giving fair chance to all dogs to enroll in our program. Our crew will constantly observe behavior of each dog and proactively take steps to defuse aggression. However if the pattern of aggression continues, we will have no choice but to reject further participation of the aggressor. This is to ensure safety of all and we seek your kind understanding.
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