Xoogler Demo Day 2018 - Investor Attendee Form
XooglerDemoDay 2018 in Silicon Valley is coming up!
Our focus this year is Machine Learning and Blockchain.

Our goal for XooglerDemoDay 2018 is to accelerate the future by bringing together:
* Blockchain/ML startups led by Xooglers
* Blockchain/ML talent, investors, researchers, and journalists
* For learning, networking, evangelism, and, of course, investing

* When: April 25, 2018
* Where: San Francisco at Google Launch Pad
* Format: Brief Presentations and Q&A, followed by Mixer
* www.xooglerdemoday.com

Simple Next Steps to Request an Invitation:
1. Just submit this form
2. We will followup with you promptly

Kevin Yen <kevin.yen@gxjam.com>, Alex Brutin <alex@yourremoteassistant.com> or Chris Fong <chris@xoogler.co>, Dave Rushton-Smith <david@rushton-smith.com>

See xoogler.co for community info; Xoogler startups interested in presenting can apply at: https://goo.gl/forms/11MPEn397Z5WebOo2

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