Feedback about challenging high-confidence GIAB calls
This form is intended to allow users of Genome in a Bottle/NIST Reference Materials an opportunity to report questionable GIAB high-confidence calls and thereby help improve our high-confidence calls in our GIAB genomes. This form is intended for letting us know about relatively small numbers of sites inside our high confidence regions that you have manually curated and believe may be incorrect. If you have many sites that would be too time-consuming to enter via this form, you can email Justin Zook (Justin 'dot' Zook 'at' nist 'dot' gov) to help find a more efficient solution. Also, feel free to email Justin with any suggestions to improve this form. You can view feedback that everyone has submitted in a spreadsheet here:
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Name, email, and institution are not required but allow us to contact you with questions. If you are making multiple entries, you can skip your email and institution in future submissions.
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GIAB Genome
Reference assembly
Version of high-confidence calls
Does the GIAB call appear to be correct?
Optionally, enter the vcf line (or related vcf lines) here instead of entering chromosome, position, REF, ALT, and genotype below
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Chromosome number
Start Position on chromosome
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True Reference base(s)
What would typically go in the REF column of a vcf. The bases that are replaced by the ALT bases
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True Alternate base(s) - 2 alternates should be separated by a comma and no space
What would typically go in the ALT column of a VCF. The bases that replace the REF. Compound heterozygous calls should be separated by a comma
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Genotype in VCF format
What evidence do you have that you are correct? Be as specific as possible. Check all that apply
Did you find any other variants within 50 bp of this variant?
If yes, please give some information about the other variants and how confident you are in them.
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rs number of the variant if it is in dbSNP and you know it
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Is this a repetitive region?
Is there any additional information about this variant or region that would be useful for us to know?
might include info about pseudogenes, CNVs, etc.
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