Bruin Outdoor Orientation Trips: Personal and Medical Information Form
Please fill out this medical form in preparation for your upcoming Bruin Outdoor Orientation Trip with UCLA Recreation Outdoor Adventures. This form will be viewed by OA Coordinator, Michelle Perrault, and your Guides to help plan our trip and to prepare to best assist you in case of medical emergency. This information could also be shared with medical professionals, in the event that you are taken to further medical care. If you have any concerns about possible medical problems, we encourage you email Michelle in advance. Many of your OA Guides are certified Wilderness First Responders, which means that they are cautious and trained to assist you with medical emergencies in the backcountry. Outdoor Adventures aims to provide both safe and accessible wilderness experiences. We will do all that we are able to accommodate your needs, and also provide a safe trip for you and the group as a whole.

Failure to complete this form by the deadline of 10 days before trip departure could result in the loss of one's spot on a trip, and at no refund. At Outdoor Adventures we do our best to accommodate health and personal needs. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate late submissions. The timely and thorough submission of this form is essential to our preparations.

*Should any of your health information or needs change between the time of submission of this form and your trip's departure, it is your responsibility to notify OA Coordinator, Michelle Perrault.


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