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AZAEP is the Arizona chapter of the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP) -

AZAEP is a statewide organization which provides an opportunity for technical and regulatory information exchange, forum for environmental speakers, and endless networking opportunities through meetings, conferences, and other activities. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to our members, our parent organization, and the community. We provide a platform to facilitate the exchange of ideas while promoting excellence in our professional. Additionally, we provide career development opportunities and member recognition for a range of individuals, from university students to novice or veteran professionals, involved with environmental issues.

AZAEP was formed to...

    Promote the goals of enhancing, maintaining, and protecting the quality of life in the natural and human environment
    Create an interdisciplinary society of environmental professionals in Arizona
    Encourage the efficient use of resources and improvement of the natural environment
    Encourage and improve communication within the environmental community including colleagues in business, government, and academics
    Adhere to the NAEP Code of Ethics and goals of NAEP and the Chapter
    Have fun!

AZAEP Membership Benefits

Member benefits include discounts at meetings, newsletters and announcements, and the opportunity to network with environmental professionals and participate in AZAEP functions.

General Membership $30/year (MUST be an NAEP member as well. Visit to sign up for an NAEP membership).

Must be a member of NAEP General membership and is open to individuals who have earned an undergraduate or graduate degree and have at least three years experience in the environmental field; and, to persons who have been engaged in work directly related to environmental management, planning, impact assessment, environmental protection, or environmental compliance, including such activities as permitting, compliance auditing, regulatory review, research, teaching, engineering, design, quality assurance, and implementation of environmental protection and control.  General members are eligible to vote and hold office. GENERAL members of AZAEP shall be general members of NAEP.

Associate Membership $30/year
Open to individuals who do not meet the requirements for General Membership and to other individuals who are interested in environmental issues, ideas, or technology.  Associate members are eligible to vote but cannot hold the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Student Membership Free
Open and limited to full-time students pursuing an environmental career.  A copy of current transcript or verification from registrar and copy of college ID is required and must accompany the application, in order to qualify for student membership.  Student members have no voting rights and cannot hold office.

Corporate Membership $150/year

The $150 corporate membership offers you a variety of advantages including:
Each employee receives the member rate for Monthly Speaker Presentations ($20 versus $25
for non-members).
Each employee can attend the AZAEP hosted NAEP Webinars at no charge.
Corporate Member firms can become host sites for the NAEP Webinars. This will be rotating
opportunity and move from firm to firm as there is interest to be a host site.
Corporate Member firms can advertise up to eight job openings per year on the AZAEP website at no charge (currently one posting is $75 for 3 months).
Corporate members will be listed with their logo on our website that links to the company website: 
Corporate Member firms can provide up to five photographs of projects, scenery, or staff in the field. The AZAEP Board will post selected photos on the AZAEP website and note firm credit.

Please email us at a list of members from your firm with their emails that you expect may join us at meetings and different events. Those members should also complete a membership application form (available on-line at for each individual who wishes to participate in AZAEP events. The form provides AZAEP with employee contact information, expertise or special skills, permission to add to our list serve, and agreement to abide by the AZAEP Code of Ethics and Standard of Practice for Environmental Professionals.


Dues are for one year from when the application is submitted and AZAEP membership dues are received.

Upon completion of this form, please mail a check as soon as possible written out to AZAEP to:

AZAEP - Membership
P.O. Box 69
Tucson, AZ 85702

Please include the name of the new AZAEP member or corporate member with the payment.

Thank you for being a valued member of AZAEP!

Questions? Email 

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