Sex, social media, and COVID-19
Thank you for considering participating in this research project. We are Dr Emily van der Nagel and Associate Professor Katrin Tiidenberg, researchers who have written a book called Sex and Social Media, published by Emerald.

In the book, we trace histories and anxieties around mediated sex, and argue that deplatforming sex, or trying to erase it from platforms, does platforms and people a disservice, as it attempts to get rid of an important part of the human experience. We chart some of the ways that people use social media for sex, including finding queer and kink communities, creating alternative accounts just for Not Safe For Work content, and forming supportive friend circles to share nudes with.

But of course, social media and sex have both changed quite a lot over the past few months. Can you tell us about how COVID-19, and its accompanying restrictions, have changed the way you use social media for sex?

Your responses may be used, either as a summary or individual quotes, in academic journals, or other publications including news articles and blogs.

You are free to indicate that your responses be credited to you or a pseudonym of your choice, or that you remain anonymous throughout the process, in which case we will assign a research project-specific pseudonym to you.

Please note that because this research project involves discussions of sex and other potentially sensitive topics, participation is restricted to those over 18.

If you have any questions about how this research is being conducted, you can email Emily at

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