COVID-19 Impact Survey
The New Mexico Humanities Council needs your help in assessing COVID-19’s immediate impact on your organization and the communities you serve.  We would like to do all that we can to assist you during this period of crisis and beyond. This survey is designed to collect information about the financial and human impacts that Coronavirus has had on our partner cultural organizations.  In the coming weeks emergency assistance funds will become available through the CARES Act (NEH).  To better understand your organization's needs, we invite you to fill out this survey and submit it no later than April 13, 2020.  Your responses will provide us with information that will  help guide us in granting emergency funds.

Please note that answers are required. If the question does not apply to your situation, please answer N/A.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
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Select the category that best describes the organization you represent. *
If you answered Other in the previous question, please briefly describe your organization.
What is your organization's annual operating budget? *
Number of full time staff *
Number of part time staff *
What is the likelihood that your organization will need to make either temporary or permanent reductions in staff or lower salaries? (1 is not likely at all, 5 is extremely likely) *
Do you offer health insurance to your employees? *
If you offer health insurance to employees, do you expect to make changes to your benefits because of COVID-19? *
Does your organization offer a work-from-home or sick policy (or both) in place for its employees? *
If you answered Other in the previous question, please briefly describe your policy.
Has your organization made (or is it likely to make) temporary or permanent reductions in staff? How many jobs would be impacted (number)?: *
How many jobs (FTE, PTE, or contractor) has your organization already terminated since COVID? *
How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected your work/organization? Check all that apply. *
If you answered Other in the previous question, please briefly describe how COVID-19 has affected your work/organization.
Briefly comment on the specifics of the choices you made above, in regards to how your work has been affected. *
What county or counties do you serve *
What community or communities do you serve? *
Who does your organization serve? *
Which of the following actions have impacted your events as a result of the coronavirus? (choose all that apply) *
If you answered Other in the previous question, please briefly describe the actions that have impacted your events as a result of the coronavirus.
If your organization is struggling to make operating expenses, how do you plan the next 1-3 months? *
How many MONTHS of operating expenses in terms of cash reserves does your organization have on hand? (do not enter the actual amount of cash on hand) *
If you have a facility that is typically open to the public that is now closed, what is the estimated cost of maintaining the unused building? *
How many program-related individual events, classes, or performances do you anticipate cancelling? *
What are your most pressing needs at present? *
How could NMHC funding help your organization adapt to this new environment? *
As a statewide humanities organization, what other ways can the NM Humanities Council support organizations like yours and the communities you serve?
Would you like to share a story or anecdote about how the pandemic has affected your work as a humanities provider, or share how you, your organization, and/or partners are responding and adapting to the situation? Include your name and organizational affiliation (if relevant), and indicate if you are agreeable to us making this public.
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