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This online form is to collect email information from Member/Owners of the Glenwood HOA of Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Your HOA previously has not relied upon email, but given current conditions in the health crisis of 2020 we are expanding our online presence and communication capabilities as a new Board of Directors.

We are asking you to supply your HOA with YOUR CURRENT EMAIL ADDRESS so that we can use it in the future to contact and communicate with you. Sending us back this form is gives us your consent to use your email in this manner. You have the right to stop and revoke our use of this form by simply communicating to us in writing your desire to do so. We will not to the best of our ability to send or disseminate your personal information.
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Year that you purchased your unit in Glenwood (for owners)
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Phone number if you wish to provide to allow us to confirm what we may have now on file.
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Can we contact you if you would be willing to serve on an HOA committee or assist in a similar volunteer basis?
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If you are interested in participating can you let us know your interests and areas of skill & knowledge. Please note below.
Comments that you would like the office to know about or any message to the current board of directors.
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