Business Recovery Survey
This is an anonymous survey (unless you choose otherwise) so the Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce can stay knowledgeable about various efforts by our member businesses to survive the economic downturn related to the Covid-19 epidemic. Your answers will give Chamber leadership important information about the overall business health in Pauls Valley, as well as provide insights about directions to take in the future.

Duration: 5 minutes or less.
What major operational changes did you generally adhere to between appx. March 15 (start of state and national responses) to April 24 (Gov. Stitt's start of recovery)?
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On a scale of 1 to 5, how well would you say you complied with local, state and federal guidelines on business operations during this time of crisis?
No compliance
Maximum compliance
In this time period, did you seriously consider any of the following:
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Did you apply for a SBA, PPP or EIDL loan or otherwise supply info for any kind of aid or resources to the necessary entities since March 15?
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What organization(s) were most helpful to you during this time?
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At this time, how would you describe your business’s current fiscal health?
On a scale of 1 to 5, how prepared were you in hindsight for any kind of business crisis?
Totally unprepared
Totally prepared
On a scale of 1 to 5, how much advanced planning have you done for your operations post-crisis?
Zero Post-Crisis Planning
Extensive Post-Crisis Planning
Digging deeper on the above question, how would you describe your planning time for the regular conducting of your business in anticipation of recovery in the future? What areas of your business did you focus on during this time?
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What’s the wisest or smartest thing you did for your business during this down time?
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Business or Organization Name (optional)
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Your Additional Comments (if any)
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