Application for membership Harmaasudet ry
This application is for applying membership of Harmaasudet ry. Privacy policy of personal data register is published on Harmaasudet ry's web page: (Available only in Finnish.)
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The mailing list is Harmaasudet ry's main informations channel.
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Membership fee is paid annually, with the membership period starting at January and ending at the turn of the year. Fee covers membership for the calendar year it is paid in. In 2021 membership fee is 16 euros, reduced membership fee 12 euros and supporting membership fee 30 euros. Fee is paid to Harmaasudet ry’s bank account FI34 5780 2420 0001 36 with reference 13 or 1313. Please leave the message field empty.
Short motivation of why You wish to join Harmaasudet ry? *
Please notice that Harmaasudet ry is a living history/re-enactment and larp association.
I accept the rules of association. *
Rules of Harmaasudet ry: (Available only in Finnish). Offical language of Harmaasudet ry is Finnish but some of our activities and announcements are bilingual.
I assure that given information is accurate. *
Other greetings or questions to the Board of Harmaasudet ry
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