Indoor Programs Survey
Westview Heights Community is experiencing a decline in registration for the indoor programs and we would like the feedback from our members to help us improve our programs and continue to keep the cost low and variety high. In order to be financially responsible we need to make sure our programs have enough registrants to break even on our costs which could mean reducing the number of classes or raising the price of registration if we can not continue to grow the participation numbers.

All of the WHCA programs are organized by volunteer coordinators. Fees collected are used to pay qualified instructors to teach the class and cover the cost of supplies.

Any profits made from WHCA programs go directly back into community initiatives like the community rink, fun day in the park, Christmas hampers for those in need and towards the school when they need some extra funds.

What community association do you live in?
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Have you participated in a Westview indoor program this year?
Have you participated in a program hosted by another community association this year? For exmaple Hampton Village, Massey Place Dundonald etc.
What are some barriers you face when registering for indoor programs?
What classes would you like to see offered?
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What classes do we currently have that you would love to see continue?
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What incentives would you take advantage of?
Do you think the current registration costs ($35-$60) are:
What other feedback can you provide for our indoor program coordinators that can improve the attendance in the programs that we offer to our community:
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