Cattle Artificial Insemination Day
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In case we have questions.
Do you have transportation to bring your animal to a central breeding location? *
What is your preferred calving month? *
A January calving date potentially means no milking over Christmas, and not feeding a milking cow in peak lactation in the winter. This should also put peak lactation in March/April as grass greens up. 
What is your approximate location? *
List your community or closest town. We will try to identify a central location for breeding.
What county is your bovine located? *
Just in case your "community" is found in more than one location and to help us identify your county livestock Extension agent.
Is your bovine a cow (that has calved before) or a heifer (that has not calved)? *
or choose other and list how many of each if there is more than one.
What breed(s) do you want to breed to? *
How many head are you planning to breed? *
List any specific bull(s) you want to breed to or traits that you want in a bull. 
We can NOT honor every request for specific bulls since semen is sold in units of 5 or 10, but we will consider your suggestion.
Do you want to pay extra for heifer sexed semen? *
NOTE: There is a lower conception rate for sexed semen. 
In order to have your animal receptive to breeding we would need to synchronize her which includes using synthetic reproductive hormones. There is no residue in meat or milk since these are naturally produced hormones. Are you okay with this? 
We will provide the hormones and tools needed, as well as education. 
Do you have a chute/headgate to secure your animal for synchronizing? *
Depending on the semen used, and the drug costs, there will be a fee associated with this. Are you willing to pay between $50-100? *
When are you available? *
Check all that apply.
Are you interested in vaccinating your bovines for reproductive and respiratory diseases?
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Are you interested in vaccinating your bovines for rabies?
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