CAP & GOWN 2020-2021 Program--NEW students
This is the general application for any student interested in participating in the 2020-2021 program. 25-50 students from all Huntsville City High Schools will be accepted to their school's CAP & GOWN cohort/team.

EVEN IF you are not selected as part of the cohort due to the limited number of spots, you will still have the opportunity to participate in some of the college tours throughout the year.

**We will be offering virtual program options throughout the fall 2020 semester (and possibly beyond that, depending on the recommendations of medical experts who are following the Covid-19 situation)**

This application should take you 20-30 minutes. The program is competitive and you should give careful thought to each question and pay special time and attention to the the written response questions.

Please contact Ms. Heller with any questions or concerns at or (610) 554-0463
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Student Name *
Which High School do you attend? *
If you selected Other above, tell us your school and how you found us! As much explanation as you can give, please.
As of now, have you already or do you plan to enroll in the virtual school option for fall 2020?
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Your GRADE LEVEL for the 2020-2021 school year *
Student's Email Address (Gmail preferred) *
Student's Phone Number
Your Mailing Address
T-Shirt Size
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Do you already have an ACT Prep Book (Red Book)
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What is your current (most recent available) GPA? *
If you've taken the official ACT at any point, please provide your highest score. The more info you have the better, so if possible, provide your score by subject area and include the date(s) (month/year) you've taken the test:
Parent's Name (Please provide information for the parent, guardian, or other adult who will be your ride and main source of support through the college application process) *
Parent's Email *
Parent's Phone Number *
CAP & GOWN participation requires 3-4 hours of meetings per week along with at least 1 weekend a month for college tours. What other activities do you participate in or plan to participate in that might make this level of time commitment difficult for you? *
Can you commit to 2 days of AFTER SCHOOL ACT and College Prep? *
Do you currently or do you plan to work part-time this school year? *
If you said yes above, where do you work?
Which part(s) of the CAP & GOWN Program are of the most interest to you? *
If you chose College 101 AND are a senior, are you able to meet at one central school location once a week and if so, what day is best for you?
What colleges would you like to CAP & GOWN to tour? (this is for our planning, not a guarantee)
WHY do you want to participate in the CAP & GOWN Project this year?
CAP & GOWN project's mission is to help under-represented students to and through the college process. Our programs are funded by donors with the understanding that they will serve the students who need them the most. With that in mind, please provide some brief information regarding your family's financial situation. *
If you selected other above, please provide some information regarding your family's financial status.
WHY do you think you are a good fit for the CAP & GOWN Project? Please refer to our website, or social media accounts (fb: cap & gown project; IG capandgownproject) if you are unsure about who we are and what we do. *
What are your college/career BIG goals? What motivates you to strive towards these goals? How do you think C&G can help you achieve those goals? *
Have you participated in CAP & GOWN before? Been to STEM Summer Institute? Attended a college tour? Do you have any specific teaches who are recommending you for the program? How did you hear about us?
Are there any friends you'd like to see apply? If yes, include their email!
Are there any teachers at your school who you think would be interested in helping with your CAP & GOWN school team? Who?
Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. As of now, CAP & GOWN is uncertain as to whether our programming will be fully virtual, blended, or meeting in person. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and keeping track of what Huntsville City Schools and the colleges and universities are doing. Regardless of the format, we will continue to serve students throughout the 2020-2021 school year.
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