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To register and reserve a seat for an upcoming Mensa Admissions Test to be given in the Greater Phoenix Area, please fill out this form. Reserving a seat requires that you obtain a pre-paid test voucher. You may obtain a voucher by paying with a credit card. Follow the link below and you will be asked to create a new account using your email address. When you enter your email address the system will check to see if you already have an account using that email then you may click on Register Now button and proceed through the secure login. Note that you may observe up to 15 second delay without progress notification after pressing Log In. Start this process HERE: <>. Full terms and conditions are detailed there. You may choose between the regular $60 voucher or a discounted $30 voucher when we are having a special promotion as in October. After obtaining a voucher number, reserve your seat by entering your information below and include your voucher number. You will receive a confirmation and will be notified if there are any changes to the schedule or location.
We will not use the information you provide outside of the testing process and do not disclose to third parties.
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