LGBT RAF Rotary Fellowship: Registration Form
This form is intended for registering as a Member of the Rotary LGBT RAF Fellowship.

Who We are:
Thank you for taking the time to express your interest in registering with the LGBT Rotarians and Friends Rotary Fellowship. The form you're about to fill out will give us the information we need to know if you meet eligibility for our Fellowship and will help us remain in contact with you if you do qualify. Please fill out all the required information slots which will be indicated by a red asterisk.

The LGBT RAF Rotary Fellowship was chartered on June 22, 2018. It is something that your Fellow Rotarians have been working towards for years. At the 2017 Rotary International Conference in Atlanta, GA, USA several Rotarians came together during a breakout session to discuss LGBTQIA issues, how those issues related to Rotary, and how Rotary related to those issues. During the session several people came together and began the formation process for the fellowship.

Our purpose as a Fellowship shall be to promote global friendship, service, and education with the goal of creating an inclusive, understanding and welcoming community, fostering goodwill and peace, and realizing a world that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for LGBT+ people.

-All information will be compiled and stored for Fellowship records. A Privacy Section towards the end of this Form will further explain this and allow you to opt out of some reporting.

-All LGBT RAF Rotary Fellowship Members will be required to pay $35.00 (USD) in dues annually to retain membership. These dues will not be collected for the first year until after successful charter of the Fellowship with Rotary International and the establishment of banking services following our initial board meeting. At the time of successful charter and after the establishment of banking services invoices will be sent to all Charter Members of the Fellowship to their email address used to complete this form. Dues will be accepted via Cash, Check, or Paypal. Information on how to pay dues will be made available in your invoice email. The dues will help fund Fellowship events, assist in the running of the Fellowship, and will be utilized in projects related to our Fellowship's purpose.

Email address *
I understand that by applying for membership in the LGBT RAF Rotary Fellowship, if I meet eligibility criteria for and am accepted into the Fellowship I will be charged $35.00 (USD) for my annual membership after the Fellowship has completed its chartering: *
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