Idealliance Postal Incident Report
Idealliance, an industry non-profit association in mail supply chain collaboration, innovation, and standardization since 1920, is seeking to better monitor and address problems related to US Postal Service acceptance, service, and systems. Idealliance developed this ACCESSIBLE, ANONYMOUS and CONFIDENTIAL Incident Report to record your issues. (NOTE: This does not replace your notification to the US Postal Service.) Our goal with this effort is to develop an information gathering tool to pinpoint and connect-the-dots around current and evolving issues of concern for the industry. We would like to know what the industry as a whole is experiencing across the country so that improvements in concern with the US Postal Service can be made. Our purpose is simple – identifying, grouping and summarizing problems and provide to the US Postal Service to review and address in the future. This effort is developed and coordinated by the lead mail and postal workgroup of Idealliance, the Postal Operations & Technologies Council. We underline your submission is anonymous and confidential. If you have any questions or need additional information please contact David Steinhardt, Idealliance, at ( Thank you!
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