Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner (ACCP) Course Interest Form  
Greetings from Blackbox OE! Thank you for your interest in the Advanced Challenge Course Practitioner (ACCP) course and/or the ACCT Level 2 (Full Track) Practitioner Certification.

We usually start arranging for a course once we have enough interested participants in the course/certification. For the ACCP course, so that we can have meaningful conversations and discussions, we will conduct the course only if we have a minimum of 6 participants. For certifications we will slot you in whenever we have an available session on the Challenge Ropes Course (CRC) suitable for you.

To help us stay in contact, kindly please leave your contact details below and we will get in touch with you once we have a course available. Not to worry, this is not a confirmation of the course and no payment is required at the moment. The good news is, we will also be happy to offer any Early Bird Pricing (up to 20% lower!) to you if you are on this list!

Here are some general details of the ACCP Course and ACCT L2 (FT) Practitioner Certification :

ACCP Course (including ACCT L2 Certification)*
Duration : 5-Days (including a 2-Day Intentional Programme Design Workshop) + 1-Day Assessment
Regular Price^ : $1,936.00
*Pre-requisites apply.

ACCT L2 (Full Track) Certification ONLY*
Duration : 1-Day
Regular Price^ : $436.00 
*Pre-requisites apply.

ACCT L2 (Full Track) Conversion**
Duration : 5-Day (including a 2-Day Enhanced Facilitation Skills Workshop and a 2-Day Intentional Programme Design Workshop)
Regular Price^ : $1,200.00
**Pre-requisites apply. Only for practitioners with a valid OBS CCI certificate.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .

At Blackbox OE, we aim to provide distinctive learning experiences so that you can be confident of providing better OE experiences for your participants!

^Prices quoted are subjected to change.
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