FLAME Workshop application BLOCK 2!
FLAME is a series of FREE ART programs for LGBTQ2S* Spectrum youth under 29, that is rooted in self care and community building. We want more spaces to make art, to share our stories and also to celebrate our work!!

There is an understanding on taking part in the program that we will all be working to creating safer spaces and to support each other as we aim to have good respectful relationships with ourselves and others

Each program runs once a week for 2 hours for a period of 6 weeks. At the end of the 6 weeks, participants will be able to organize a collaborative event that will show and highlight their work.

There is only room for 15 participants/program, and it is expected that individuals will show up to 80% of the workshops

Each Participant will receive a small honorarium of $50 at the completion of the workshop series.

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The Workshops:
With Kwentong Bayan: Labour of Love
MONDAYs 6-8pm April-May @The Gladstone Library

Kwentong Bayan: Labour of Love is a community based comic book project, created by Toronto-based artists Althea Balmes (Illustrator) and Jo SiMalaya Alcampo (Writer). Their workshop will use comic books as a way to highlight the realities or our various experiences, of community and friendship, love and struggle, and individuals empowerment. You will gain skills and knowledge in the various ways to develop and create comics and the stories within them.These are the stories that rarely make mainstream media or academic research.

With Kelly Halligan
TUESDAYS 6-8pm @SOY< The Sherbourne Health Center

This workshop series will be an opportunity to focus on your ideas, themes, and stories to feel free to be creative. Exploring Painting with Acrylics, powder paint, doodles with crayons, and ink we will incorporate teamwork, feedback, and activities that help generate new ideas, & be inspiration your own idea! This is about having fun & exploring! Please note that Kelly is a Deaf artist, and while hearing folks are most welcome, this class will have no interpreters, and folks will primarily be communicating in ASL!

With Alena and Alec Butler Peters

Join filmmakers Alec Butler & Alena Peters for 6 exciting weeks of telling our stories of resistance and resilience through the medium of video! we will explore a variety of techniques, including storyboards, animation, and online platforms such as You Tube and Tumblr to tell our stories in ways that strengthen our communities and capabilities.

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Althea Balmes is a recent York U graduate of Anthropology and International Development Studies and is a visual storyteller telling stories about culture, politics, community and people.
You may visit her tumblr, pixbai.tumblr.com to see fun drawing stuff.

Jo SiMalaya Alcampo is an interdisciplinary artist who explores cultural/body memory and the healing of intergenerational soul wounds through community storytelling, installation-based art, and electroacoustic soundscapes.
Websites: josimalaya.com & singingplants.org

Alena Peters is an emerging artist, youth facilitator and peer educator.
As the producer and co-host of her own web series called Condoms & Candy, Alena has used YouTube as a medium for accessible, and relatable sex education for Youth and their families. Working with the People Project she facilitated the National GSA summit and assisted queer high school students and their allies in creating a national charter. Also a youth facilitator of the International Black Youth summit Alena is committed to accessible community-based forms of education. Focused on speaking candidly on issues related to her own Black queer identit.y Alena hosts workshops and events that support her communities.
A film school drop-out and former manager of Canada's National poetry champions Alena sees art as a means for building community, and establishing meaningful forms of resistance.
Boldly calling herself the “Kanye West of Feminism,” she is working to bring the world ideas that are both controversial and culturally relevant.

Alec Butler’s play “Black Friday”, finalist for the Governor General’s Award, was published in 2006. His animated trilogy about growing up trans, “Misadventures of Pussy Boy” has screened at numerous film festivals most recently in Berlin, Amsterdam and Vancouver. Alec’s first novella is soon to be published by Quattro Books. Alec is an artist and an activist who has facilitated hundreds of presentations and workshops about transgender/2Spirit/Intersex realities and issues for the past 10 years.

Kelly Halligan, Freelance Illustrator & Artist, B.F.A
Kelly attended Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, USA, College of Imaging Arts & Sciences(CIAS), and Rochester Institute Technology, Rochester, NY. Awarded in illustration Kelly is also experienced in painting on canvas, design logos & design tattoo. She has also been involved in coordinating several films in connection with festivals and art exhibitions. She has developed and created logos for several of Deaf organizations throughout Canada. She was involved with Art Buddy Committee helping with Deaf, HH, Deafness, & CI students for teaching arts & worked NTID Theatre stage for art studio: Stage props/made props, painting big background, Kelly moved back to Toronto, ON. Involved with Art Workshop (Art Mural Workshops) for travelling all Deaf, HH, and Mainstream schools in Ontario. Also, Several Art workshops in the past in ECD. Kelly is currently on the Jury for Film/Arts Submission for the Canadian Deaf Arts in collaboration with Deaf Culture Centre. She’s thrilled with a return of the High School Youths Booth Camp.

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