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If you are looking for a Digital Marketer, Designer, VA, Tech VA, Sales Funnel Builder, Copywriter, or Executive Assistant, please fill out the following form. Once submitted, your form will be sent out via text to our CYLL Network and they will be in touch with you directly about the work you need help with.

A few guidelines to keep in mind...

General pay rates are as follows for technical skills like design, copy, and sales funnels. Some contractors may offer packages instead of hourly.

Beginner $20-$25
Intermediate $25-$50
Advanced $50-$75
Expert $75-$90
Master $90 +

Admin Assistance is generally offered between $15-$35 an hour.
Executive Assistance ranges $20-$45 an hour.

Every contractor is a completely independent business with their own packages, rates, procedures, and workflow. This responses you will get from this form does NOT mean a direct endorsement from either Julie Stoian, Madelaine Corke, or the Create Your Laptop Life brand.

If you need more help finding the right fit, you can email us at for a more involved interview and referral process. Thank you!

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