BPD Community Survey 2018
How safe do you feel in the City of Burlington? *
Not Safe
Very Safe
How trustworthy is the Burlington Police Department and its Officers? *
Not Trustworthy
Very Trustworthy
In your opinion, how professional is the work of the Burlington Police Department and its Officers? *
Not Professional
Very Professional
How proactive do you feel the Police Department is in deterring crime in your community? *
Not Proactive
Very Proactive
For non-emergency purposes, how much access to information and assistance from the Police Department do you feel you have? *
Not Access
Complete Access
How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the Burlington Police Department? *
Not Satisfied
Very Satisfied
Where do you live? Please select the number that corresponds to the area of the city in which you live. To see a map that can be zoomed in on please go to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pSHB5hAAtjvID113_GMF1k7KQObbH6Un
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Additional Comments : Please use this space to share any additional comments, concerns, compliments, or suggestions with the Burlington Police Department.
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