Vividness of Mental Senses Questionnaire (VMSQ)
This is a custom update to the illustrious Vividness of Visual Imagery Questionnaire. After accumulating 2 years worth of experience in working with individuals to either grow or strengthen their ability to visually imagine, I have taken the concepts presented in the original VVIQ and expanded upon them, introducing several new measurement points as well as a different flow to the process. VVIQ 2.0 will not only measure the visual aspect of the imagination, but also other aspects which commonly comprise the visual imagination.

Each section will describe a different scenario to bring to mind. Please read the scenario first, and then take a moment to think through that scenario as accurately as possible from start to finish.

After reflecting on the scenario, proceed to fill in a rating on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being only thinking of the subject, 10 being as if you were there in a present and first-person moment) on each subject line. You are rating how clearly you can think of each subject, not necessarily how clearly you “see” the item in question (in other words, we are not measuring physical hallucinations. The black space when you close your eyes should remain black, as this is normal). Upon finishing, add up your total rating and fill in the number at the “total Rating” section.

Each scenario takes up a single section. There are 4 sections.
*Ethical Disclaimer*
The data collected in this survey is intended for research purposes only. By participating, you give consent to have your results made anonymously known. Any private data which is shared (name, email address) will remain private.
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