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Hal France, Omaha Conservatory of Music, and a distinguished team of artists and arts organizations present Food for the Soul: Masterpieces and Messages. The new series designed to enrich the way people receive the messages and experience the performance of musical and dramatic masterpieces.

What’s Food for the Soul about?

Artists with exceptional powers of observation look at the world. They mine thoughts, images and emotions and through a process they create works of art, music, theater, film and literature. Their works are gifts to the world. Over time a small hand full of “gifts” become regarded as masterpieces experienced by many people. Masterpieces contain messages that speak to the consciousness within us that is essential to our individual and collective wellbeing. Masterpieces of art are one of the ways we sense and connect with our soul.

FOOD FOR THE SOUL consists of five MENUS. Each MENU has a masterpiece on the plate for all three COURSES.

1st Course: Take a look within the masterpiece and discover its unique qualities.
2nd Course: Gain an artist’s insights with an in depth interview.
3rd Course: Experience the masterpiece through a live performance.

Please fill out the below form and a representative from Omaha Conservatory of Music will reach out via phone to collect your payment information. Each MENU offers multiple fun ways to learn and culminates with a ticket to a performance! Each COURSE contributes its own flavors to each MENU, but can also be enjoyed a la carte! For A LA CARTE options - please call Omaha Conservatory of Music at 402-932-4978 to order.

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