2022 Truckee Bike Racks
The Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition is working to get more bike racks installed at businesses around Truckee. If your business is interested in installing new bike racks, please complete this application. This program is made possible through a generous grant from the Lahontan Community Foundation Fund held at the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation and the Town of Truckee.

Businesses will be notified if they will receive bike racks by August 31st, 2022. The racks will be delivered to recipients in October and November of 2022.
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Why do you feel your organization/location should receive a bike rack(s)? Justification may be demonstrated by explaining benefits to multiple businesses/destinations/etc., surrounding community, identifying nearby bicycle-related attractions, photos, support letters, etc.
Is your organization a member of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition?
We may not have enough racks for everyone so we are asking potential recipients to indicate if they can provide match funding. Match funding is not required but applications with match funding will be ranked higher. Are you willing to contribute funding toward the cost of your bike rack(s)? As an added benefit, applicants providing match funding will become members of the Lake Tahoe Bicycle Coalition (a $100 value).
If yes, how much can you contribute? (skip if answered "no" above)
Do you have legal access to the site where the rack(s) will be installed?
If no, please explain how you will demonstrate legal access to the installation site?
How many bike racks are you requesting? Each "rack" has space for 2 bicycles. Note: we may not be able to provide the number of racks you're requesting.
The racks are hoop runners (see photo).  Installation of racks will require drilling into concrete.  Will you be able to install the racks yourself, or will you need assistance?
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