Library Website
The library will be significantly updating its website in March 2019. Help us to learn more about what you want on the site.
How often do you use the library website?
If you don't use the library website often, why not?
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How do you use the library website?
I use this on the library website frequently
This should be on the library's front page
To get to the library catalog
To renew my material
To get to Oklahoma Virtual Library
To find instructions about using the Oklahoma Vitual Library
To use databases like Ancestry, Pronunciator, Chilton, and Ebsco
To read news stories about the library
To view the library calendar
To find out about programs/events offered
To find out about children's services
To get book recommendations/read-a-likes
To see the new books listing
To use librarian suggested websites
To communicate with the librarians
To research topics like local history, grants, and job hunting
To find information about meeting rooms
For what other reasons do you visit the library website?
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There is a "widget" on our homepage that allows you to look up books in the catalog. Do you use the widget?
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How easy is it to find information on our website?
What are some of the things you would like to see on the new site that are not on the library website now?
Your answer
Would you be interested in joining a focus group to test our new website?
If you would like to join the focus group, please list your name and email address below.
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