ACC 2020 Post Conference Survey
Thank you for attending the ACC 2020.

Since ACC 2020 was the first online conference, we are hoping for your feedback to know what went right and what we could improve. This will help to improve the ACCs in the coming years.

Thank you.
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How satisfied were you with the virtual ACC 2020
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Was the quality of the interface to the virtual meeting
Was the cost of the conference
Was the quality of meetings at the conference
Was the quality of workshops
Was the quality of the technical program
Was the quality of the special sessions
Any comments on what worked well with the virtual conference
Any suggestions on how we could improve the virtual conference experience
Will you attend the 2021 ACC in New Orleans if
it is offered in-person only
it is offered virtually only
it is offered in-person with a virtual option
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If parent/guardian travel support is offered at the 2021 ACC, will you apply?
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Videos helped with the online conference substantially. If you are not willing to upload a video during initial submission, please clarify why
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