Record your activities and enter to win the prize of the week, a $25 gift certificate to Play Unplugged in Ashland.
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Which activities did you complete? Make sure to answer the question for each activity below. *
If you built a shelter. How long did it take? How did it feel to spend time in it? Do you think you could spend the night in one?
If you completed 10 minute HIIT workout... Were you able to do all 10 minutes? Do you feel like doing a 10-minute workout like this is good for you Why or why not?
If you did the feelings like the weather meditation... What feelings were you noticing today? Did they shift while you were watching them? How do you feel right now?
If you did the 3D drawing... Did the illusion work? Did you learn anything about drawing from the activity?
If you did the NASA puzzles... have you ever considered being an astronaut or being involved in space exploration? What is interesting to you about space?
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