SUMMER EXTENDED LEARNING - Camp Get Connected 2021 Student Application
Please utilize the link to register your child for the summer camp. We would love to have all registrations complete by May 15 in order to plan for staff assignments. An information session will be scheduled during the month of May.

Camp Locations: Northampton High School and Conway Middle School
Camp Dates (Subject to Change) - Minimum of 4 weeks

Week 1 - June 21.- 24
Week 2 - June 28 - July 1
Week 3 - July 12 - July 15
Week 4 - July 19 - 22
Week 5 - July 26 - 29 (culminating activity)

Classes for credit and tutoring for students to fill COVID-19 learning loss gaps, recover failed credits, or get ahead in a tough subject.

We will offer connections to enhancement areas like career exploration, the arts, etc.

High School students will also be offered preparation sessions related to College Admissions, WorkKeys and Career Advisement via personalized College and Post-Secondary Counseling.
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Students not in membership in Northampton County Schools prior to April 1 will be considered an out of district student.
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Please complete one form per child.
Shirt Size *
If we are able to fund the t-shirts. Students will not be allowed to keep shirts that are too small or too large, please select the true sizes.
Please complete with accurate information as this aides in Camp "Get Connected" reaching you for updates.
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Please complete the information concerning the parent. If this information changes prior to the end of camp, please contact Camp at with: your name, the student name, and any changes.
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Students will more than likely take 2 classes during the duration of camp. Please rank your preferences 1-10. One indicates your first choice, two your second, and so on.

Only select classes that are in your grade range
English Language Arts
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Social Studies
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Visual Arts
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Grades K-12
Clear selection
Grades K-12
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Computer Technology
Grades 6-12
Clear selection
Grades 6-12
Clear selection
Career-College Planning 101
Grades 6-12
Clear selection
Are there any other classes you would be interested in that are not listed above?
Does your child have any known allergies (include food, environmental, etc.)? *
Is there anything else about the child that you would like camp leaders to know? *
(i.e. medications, limitations, health related problems, etc.)
Student work as well as photo/video may be used during camp and published in the newspaper, camp website, district facebook page, billboards etc. to market district programs and to highlight the summer camp.. Do you grant us permission to publish photos and/or videos of your child?
Parent Preferred Number to Call During Camp Hours *
In the event that we must reach you during the camp hours, please list the number that is best for us to use and any specific notes. For example: Please ask for the Drying Department when calling the office number.
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