2018 Stiletto Contest Judge Sign Up Form
All 2018 Stiletto Contest judges must be a member of the Romance Writers of America, either PRO or PAN. All judges who sign up will be verified as RWA members. Please go to the CRW website and take a look at the judge score sheet to become familiar with the scoring of the unpublished and published categories. http://contemporaryromance.org/stiletto-contest/

First round judges for UNPUBLISHED will receive their entries to judge between April 14 - April 20, 2018.
Deadline for UNPUBLISHED first round entry scores to be turned in is May 13, 2018 by 8pm EST.
First round judges for PUBLISHED will receive their entries to judge between April 14 - April 29, 2018.
Deadline for PUBLISHED first round entry scores to be turned in is June 10, 2018 by 8pm EST.
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Do you reside in the continental US? (*Note:Those who judge for Published categories may be sent paperbacks, and we will only mail books to addresses within the US) *
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I am entering the Stiletto Contest. *Note: You may still judge if entering the contest. We will assign you entries from categories you are not entering. *
Please list all the categories you are entering. If not entering the contest, please type N/A. *
I am willing to judge the following number of entries. *Note: Entries may be either unpublished manuscripts in .doc format or published novels in mobi or ePub or paperback formats. *
I understand that by agreeing to judge the Stiletto Contest, I am agreeing to return my scores in by the due date required, to be kind in my comments, to not discuss the entries in any forum, and to be open minded about each entry I judge. *
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