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ATTENTION: DEMO Classes are Free on June 26 to July 2, 2020!!!!!!!

This Course adopts a new approach to teaching Chinese as a foreign language. It is designed for both primary and secondary school students who are taking Chinese exams, such as GCSE/IGCSE/AS (U.K.), SAT II/AP (U.S.A.), IB Chinese Language B Standard Level, or for those students who are starting to learn Chinese.

该课程将以北京语言大学编写《轻松学中文》作为基本框架, 博众多中文教材之长, 并根据课程和学生需要, 添加辅助材料, 以使学生在多层次的练习中, 不知不觉的掌握所学内容, 并以口语交流和书面语表达等方式表示出来。

课程目标: 通过对该课程不同阶段的学习,学生不仅会掌握汉语的基础知识,建立对汉语语言和文化的强烈学习兴趣,并且能在此基础上,达到美国外语教学标准在特定主题下的听、说、读、写能力和对文化的认知程度,从而增强学生的自信心,完善学生的自我人格建立。

This is a year round course. Classes are held on weekday evening or weekend for 1 hour per lesson. We provide two, three or four sessions per year. Once you register, the administrator will contact you and make an appointment for one hour Chinese Level evaluation.

Time: Twice or Three times a week based on your schedule, one hour per class

Enrollment: Rolling Basis. We will open class once the enrollment reaches 4 to 6 students and maximum 8 students per class

Payment Method: By PayPal or Venmo at or by mail:

Education Connects
Clarksburg, MD 20871

Payment Policy: Full refund for the first class; 75% refund after second class; 50% refund for the third class; no refund after the fourth class.

Education Connects reserves the right of final decision on tuition and payment policy.

Please Contact at if you have any question.
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