Judge's Application | High Times Hemp Cup 2020
This is the application to be a judge for the High Times Hemp Cup 2020. Once confirmed, Judges will pickup their assigned kits from the judge kit pickup location (Location to be announced) on February 25-28 and judge the products from home using an online scorecard. Judges do not need to be present at the Awards Show.

Judges are chosen by High Times staff based on your application. If your application does not meet the requirements, you will not be chosen.

Your responses are evaluated on your eligibility to judge. Please only apply if you meet all requirements stated on the Judging FAQ below:

1. Please use an email and phone number that you check regularly, and please check your spam folders for our emails.
2. Categories will be assigned to judges based on the preferences chosen and based on availability. After you are selected to judge and your category is assigned to you, please do not request to add or change your category.
3. All judge kits must be picked up at the official dispensary on the dates and times provided.
4. The dispensary will have a list of approved judges and their assigned kits.
5. Kits can only be picked up by the judge their assigned to. No exceptions.
​6. All judges must be 21 or older and have a valid government issued ID.
​7. Reviews must be scored digitally via the score card provided in the email.
8. ​Any late entries or un-submitted reviews will result in termination from future cannabis cups.

Leading up to and during the Cup, Judges are asked not to publicly disclose the fact that you are a Judge. At no time may a Judge post any information or pictures related to the competition while the competition is underway unless given permission by the Competition Director. This helps to prevent competitors from approaching and influencing the Judges in what is a “blind” judging process.

Please remember that you are now a representative of the HIGH TIMES Hemp Cup and we ask that you act as an upstanding ambassador on our behalf by taking time to give detailed and accurate feedback for each entry. All comments are delivered to the brands, even if they don’t win, so this is your opportunity to contribute to improving products in the market

Please reach out to this email if you have any questions or issues – competition@hightimes.com
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