Ignition Survey
This survey is part of the kick-off of the city's comprehensive planning effort.  We want to know what you think are some of the best things about Parkersburg, and what you think are the most important things to focus on for the future of the community.  Please take a few moments to answer these questions and participate in creating a strategic plan for Parkersburg. There will be many more opportunities to contribute so check back often.

There are no wrong answers, please share your thoughts. All information is being collected anonymously.

You can revise your answers, and see what others are saying once you submit your response.  

Thank you for participating. Your input is important!
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What do you love about Parkersburg, why do you call it home? *
Think about how you would describe Parkersburg to someone who has never visited.
What do you think is the city's biggest opportunity? *
Think about the things you said you loved about Parkersburg, or the reasons you choose to live here, are any of these things strengths the city can build on?  Is there anything happening in town that you think is the start of something great?
What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the city? *
Think about the things you would like to change about life in Parkersburg?
Do you have a suggestion on how the city could address this challenge?
Have you seen something that worked in another community?  Do you have an idea for a program or effort that you think could make a positive impact?  We will be working together over the next year to find solutions that work for Parkersburg by looking at best practices from other communities and tapping into local knowledge and the people who want to be part of igniting out future.  
If you could visit Parkersburg 20 years from now, what would you hope you find? *
Think about what you would like to see or be able to do in Parkersburg in 2040.
Is there anything else you would like to share with us?
Please use the space below for any additional comments, questions, or thoughts you want to share with the planning team.
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