2-3 Degrees workshop enquiry form
Once you have completed this form, 2-3 Degrees will be in touch to discuss any specific requirements for the participants attending the workshop and also answer any questions that you have about the workshop. 2-3 Degrees will then design a tailored workshop proposal to meet the aims and objectives that you have listed below and will send it to you before confirming the booking.

Please note that completing and submitting this form back to 2-3 Degrees does not mean you have confirmed your booking.
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What is your name?
What is the name of your school/organisation/project?
Is there a workshop from our brief that you would like us to deliver?
What are the aims and objectives of the workshop?
How many young people will be in the workshop?
What age are the participants?
Where will the workshop take place? (Address)
When will the workshop take place?
What time will the event take place?
What is the name and telephone number of the lead point of contact on the day of the workshop?
What resources will 2-3 Degrees have access to for the workshop?
What is the layout of the room?
How long will the workshop last? (we recommend a minimum of 2 hours)
What is your budget for the workshop? (Our standard workshop costs £572 - excluding travel for bookings outside of London)
We require payment ahead of the workshop to confirm the booking. This should be paid a minimum of 2 weeks before the date of the booking, please include the email of address of who the invoice should be sent to if different from the above
Do any of the participants have any learning difficulties that 2-3 Degrees should be made aware of?
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If so, please provide some details below
Do any of the participants have any mobility issues that 2-3 Degrees should be made aware of?
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If so, please provide some details below
Are there any other details about the workshop that you would like the facilitators to know?
Do the participants have consent for images and video to be taken during the workshop?
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Would you like to arrange a phone call with 2-3 Degrees to discuss any other details before they create a tailored workshop proposal for you?
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Are your participants/students allowed to use mobile phones? (We use electronic feedback forms and would like the students to use their phones to complete the feedback forms)
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this form.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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