Italian Americans in Cook County SUPPORTING Indigenous Peoples' Day (for Cook County and Illinois!)!!!
The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans DO NOT REPRESENT ALL Chicagoans' of Italian heritage.

Two Italian-American scholars Dr. Ruberto & Dr. Sciorra in their article “Recontextualizing the Ocean Blue: Italian Americans and the Commemoration of Columbus” wrote: “However, some of these self-appointed ethnic leaders claim to speak not just for their membership, but also on behalf of a larger and unspecific Italian American community. Yet, numerous Italian American poets, activists, and scholars have long spoken out against Columbus and his legacy. Groups such Italian Americans for a Multicultural United States, the Italian American Political Solidarity Club, and the national NoColumbusDay group…have offered counter-narratives to a purported Italian ethnic solidarity and its symbols.” The Italian-Americans Against Christopher Columbus has over 1,100 people in it. The local Italian American Heritage Society formed to support the Indigenous Peoples' Day Coalition!

"This effort is in no way anti-Italian or meant to bring any ill-will towards our Italian sisters and brothers, who we know were wrongly discriminated against in previous decades," Sarah Dennis at CPS Board of Education meeting 2/25/20 (quoted in Tribune 2/28/20).

This petition is organized by the Indigenous Peoples' Day Coalition - Illinois. Your contact details will NEVER be shared with any third party. You can always unsubscribe at any time from communication from the Coalition.
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